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We are a coalition of patients, healthcare providers and advocates working to ensure that patients’ voices are heard, patients’ rights are respected, and patients’ needs are prioritized in healthcare policy.

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Advocates for Compassionate Therapy
ALS Association
The Bonnell Foundation: Living with Cystic Fibrosis
AI Arthritis
Chronic Care Collaborative
International Cancer Advisory Network
Infusion Access Foundation
Lupus and Allied Diseases Association
SLC6A1 Connect
National Psoriasis Foundation
Rare Access Action Project
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This unelected state bureaucracy has the power to determine what doctors, hospitals and pharmacies can pay for lifesaving medicines patients need. Colorado patients deserve a seat on this board. 



All Coloradans must be assured that the PDAB will not take any action that will prevent patients from accessing lifesaving medications.


Patients and stakeholders deserve to know how their input will be weighed by PDAB members when considering affordability reviews and an upper payment limit. How do testimony, written comment, survey responses factor into their decision making process?


Patients and stakeholders deserve the ability to ask questions of Board members AND get a response. Currently, the conversation is one-sided with patients sharing their concerns but with no direct feedback from Board members.


Patients and stakeholders are appalled by the use of quality adjusted life years - or any other metric that attempts to put a dollar amount based on a quality of life year. While the Board has been instructed not to use QAL Y's in setting an upper payment limit; QALY's and other discriminatory metrics (evLYG) should be excluded from the entire process.

Holistic Approach

Patients and stakeholders have articulated the value of medicines and the importance of the patient/doctor relationship. The scope of review should also include the impact of insurance benefit design ( step-therapy, prior authorization, pharmacy steering, etc.) when considering patient affordability challenges.


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