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The flawed premise

An upper payment limit is the only tool the CO PDAB can utilize to address prescription drug prices. However, the pharmaceutical supply chain is complex with many players and the list price of a medicine has little to do with out of pocket expenses for patients.


Instead, insurance benefit design such as copays and coinsurance play a much larger role in what a patient pays at the pharmacy counter. 

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The flawed process

The Colorado PDAB has come under scrutiny for its approach to public engagement with many saying the process feels rushed and doesn’t provide enough time for public input. Many patients and caregivers feel that the PDAB has not done enough to inform them about the policy, process and potential unintended consequences. The Board has been criticized for not addressing valuable feedback from patients and health care providers. These concerns raise questions about the PDAB’s commitment to genuinely address accessibility of prescription drugs for all Coloradans.


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