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Colorado Patients Taking Action is helping protect the most vulnerable patients from losing access to the medications they depend on.

Recently adopted legislation in Colorado created an unelected board with the power to restrict patient’s access to the medicines they need. Recent actions by the Colorado Prescription Drug Affordability Board have generated statewide concern from patients, families, health care providers and even legislators who voted to create the PDAB!

We believe that patients and providers should oversee treatment decisions - not politicians and unelected bureaucrats. Sign our petition and help make sure the PDAB gives patients a voice.


Patients deserve a voice: Additional board seats on the PDAB must be designated for patients.


Guaranteed access: It must be made clear that no PDAB policy can result in interrupted access to medication for Colorado patients.

Remove QALY metrics: Prohibit the use of Quality Adjusted Life Years or similar measures such as the evLYG from all data sources. Attempts to place a value on health care treatments discriminate against people with disabilities, older adults, and people with chronic conditions.

Transparency & Accountability: The current board is not accountable to patients, providers or the public. Rules must be strengthened to provide transparency and ensure a true dialogue between the board and stakeholders


Real Affordability for Patients: The PDAB must prioritize patient out-of-pocket costs above savings for entities of the supply chain and state government.  PBM’s and insurance benefit design should be part of the conversation to provide real solutions for patients.


Thank you!

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